Pauline Michael

Pauline Michael

New Business Development Manager

0420 414 104

Pauline was raised in the Western Suburbs, attended MLC and whilst living in Sydney studied at the University of New South Wales.

Pauline has an enviable life history combining working and undertaking philanthropic secondments across a range of cultures due to living in countries such as Europe, Asia and South America.

Pauline prides herself on the fact that she has developed multiple networks and has been able to continue to harness those, despite the fact that she was away from Perth for some time. She has 27 years of experience in Public Relations, Fund Raising, Coordinating and Managing Events, Sales, Marketing and Communications in a variety of countries, as mentioned above.

Pauline's industry experience includes Tourism, Education, Aviation and Diplomatic Support roles which have ranged from Customer Service through to Secretarial/Delegations Cultural Coordinator for Ambassador's Wives.

Pauline has been involved in many voluntary roles such as the Vice President of the British School of Bucharest and the treasurer for the Sydney Women's Consular Corporation. She was awarded the Honorary Vice President of the Red Cross in New South Wales and was the Founding President of Philoptohos "Friends of the Poor" in Bucharest, Romania.

Before joining Real Estate in 2017 Pauline worked in Education in the role of Promoting and Marketing, however decided to make the shift as she saw the synergies in her skillset and ability to develop solid networks which ultimately will be paramount to the success of her role at Bellcourt Property Group.

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