Meet the Architects behind Victoria House

You’re in safe hands at Victoria House. The team that delivered Perth’s State Buildings and Como The Treasury have partnered with progressive award-winning local design specialists, each with a strong track record of delighting people with human-centred design. Our collaboration is founded on crafting enduring, future-focused for healthy, happy communities.

MJA Studio

Recipients of the Australian Institute of Architects Harold Krantz Award for Multi-Residential Architecture, MJA Studio aim to create work that is generous to the end user, sympathetic to their site contexts and offer lasting value to communities.

Finespun Architects

FINESPUN believes in bucking conventions, keeping things simple and working with good people on great projects. The studio’s most valued outcome of a project is raising the spirits of those who pass through it.

Palassis Architects

With national and state awards for heritage, restoration and design. Palassis Architects are the trusted local experts in architectural conservation.

Place Laboratory

The core tenet of PLACE Laboratory’s design is giving life and meaning to the public realm. They have been recognised with multiple awards for urban renewal and creating engaging, vital spaces with social, economic and environmental value.

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