Property Management Team

Property Management Team

Thank you for contacting our Property Management Team.


Understanding that service and knowledge is the cornerstone of our business, our department model is unlike many other real estate companies.

To allow the best possible service and attention to our clients, we only ever allocate a set number of properties to each property manager. Unlike many other agencies, as our portfolio grows, so does our team.

So if you are a landlord with one property or seven properties, you can expect the same optimum level of service.

The other advantage is that you will always have a senior property manager looking after your investment and always direct access to the owner of the should the need arise.

We also have a strong relationship with B Strata who manage close to 5,000 lots across Perth and this means the relationship with our trades are extremely good and our clients have become a priority. Combined with our portfolio and Strata's portfolio we are getting maintenance jobs done faster and more cost effectively for our owners.

When signing an exclusive management authority we openly discuss your requirements for the property and your expectations of the property management team. You tell us your preferred method of communication be it; email, sms, mail or phone.

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